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All our prints are produced with a 44 inch Epson SureColor P 9000 printer that uses the archival Epson UltraChrome HDX ten-colour pigmented ink set. We print on a selection of Epson Enhanced Matte, Epson Premium Luster, Epson Exhibition Canvas Satin, Epson Somerset Velvet, and Epson Cold Press Natural that are individually profiled using the Xrite EyeOne calibration tool.


We offer a controlled colour enviroment, a highly qualified production staff, optional file storage, and digital copy work.


A great combination of products and technology that ensure consistent quality results. Colour accuracy is determined using a GTI Print Viewer with day light balanced bulbs.



The Process



To begin the process we need the image in our system. You can either send us a digital image by email, or any other internet data trasfer service. Alternatively, you can use our FTP site or bring the image with you to our store. Call us for information about the FTP site.


For a better result we recommend an image already scaled to the desired size and a resolution of 300 dpi. However, if your image needs rescaling, we will be happy to do it free of charge.


If your image or artwork needs to be digitized, QSQ offers custom hi-resolution scans from transparencies, negatives, or unmounted flat art. Scanning prices are based on the size of your original and the resulting file size (in MB).



This phase includes the cropping, resizing, and/or colour correction of your image if required. This service is included in the price and is done in order to match your image as close as possible to the original artwork. We cannot guarantee an exact match, but we will do everything possible to bring your images to life.


If your image needs a major photoshop work, we also offer the service of Photoretouch, Photorestoration, Editing and Major colour correction.

Go to Image Processing.


When printing artwork on paper (Luster or Matte), we offer an extra 0.25" of white border at your request. When printing on Canvas, we add 2" around for stretching purposes.


Once the image is completely adjusted, we apply the proper profile depending on the paper desired. This process allows us to see exactly how the final printing is going to look on the surface selected (Canvas, Luster, Matte, etc...).



When all the above is ready, we begin the printing process.


If printing on paper, we offer between 24 to 48 hours turn around time, depending on the quantity of images ordered. However, if the prints are going to be framed behind glass, we strongly suggest a minimum waiting period of 48 to 72 hours to allow chemicals from the print to dry out.


When printing on canvas that need to be stretched, the turn around time depends on the size of the stretcher, but we still strive to offer a turn around time between 2 to 5 business days.


5- FOAM CORE MOUNTING (Just for prints on Paper)

QSQ offers the option of Foam Core mounting for those that are not going to frame their prints.

6- STRETCHING (Just for prints on Canvas)

We stretch our printed canvas on site. We use custom-made stretchers from a local workshop if you need uncommon sizes.


Depending on how you wish to display your canvas (e.g. with framing or stretched as is), your options for stretching need to be considered before final printing. That is why we recommend any of these four options.




Clear coating provides a 99% UV block as well as the necessary surface protection. It also provides sufficient protection for post embellishing or print enhancement.


This process is recommended for photographic and fine art reproductions that are going to be displayed without glass. This is because it protects prints from the environmental contaminants.



At this point, your print is ready for pick-up.


We suggest that you pick-up your prints in person, so that you have time to appreciate the finished product.


If picking up in person is not an option, we offer shipping within Canada, but only for prints on paper or unstretched canvas. However, we assess our shipping options on a case by case basis. Billing for special deliveries are subject to change once the official statements have come through.


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Epson Technology


To produce our archival prints with amazing colour integrity, gloss-level, and scratch resistance we use Epson SureColor P 9000.


Representing Epson's next generation, this printer incorporates the latest achievements in photographic ink jet technology. By combining the Epson TFP PrecisionCore printhead with the 10-colour Epson UltraChrome® HDX ink set, the this printer continue to represent a high level of technology that bring new heights to artwork reproduction.


The Epson UltraChrome® HDX pigment ink technology represents the latest generation of pigment ink technology. Now using 10 colours (photo black and matte black, light black, light light black, cyan, light cyan, vivid magenta, vivid light magenta, yellow, orange, and green), the Ultrachrome HDX ink set produces the widest colour gamut ever from an Epson Pro printer.



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The Materials

Archival quality 76 years approximately
Flat matte surface provides the optimum photographic platform.
Heavyweight stock delivers true photographic feel.
High colour gamut yields remarkable colour reproduction.
Epson Archival Ink compatibility ensures exceptional lightfastness ratings.


Archival quality 71 years approximately
Luster “E” surface finish.
Dries instantly for easy handling with Epson inks.
Highest colour gamut available for vivid colour reproduction.
10 mil thickness for accurate photographic feel.


- EPSON EXHIBITION CANVAS MATTE (395 gsm, 23 mil)(new):

Semi-gloss satin surface with a bright white point.
Exceptionally high Dmax and wide colour gamut.
Heavyweight cotton-poly blend stock.
Acid and Lignin free to preserve fine arts and photos.
Enhanced with elastic polymers for gallery wrap stretching without cracking.



Matte non-reflective surface with a bright white point.
Exceptionally high Dmax and wide colour gamut.
Heavyweight cotton-poly blend stock.
Acid and Lignin free to preserve fine arts and photos.
Enhanced with elastic polymers for gallery wrap stretching without cracking.


- EPSON SOMERSET VELVET (Roll, 255 g/m2, 19 mil):
Archival quality 75 years approximately

Velvet surface for fine detail and accurate reproduction.

Acid free to preserve fine art and photos.

100% cotton hot press for long term durability.

Outstanding D-Max for print with exceptional contrast.


- EPSON COLD PRESS NATURAL(Roll, 305 gms, 19 mil):

100% cotton cold press for term durability.

Mould-made in the traditional style.

Acid, lignin, chlorine free; and pH buffered to preserve fine art and photos.

High Dmax and wide colour gamut.

Bright white base.


- EPSON HOT PRESS BRIGHT (Roll, 300 gms, 16 mil) (NEW!)

100% cotton fiber.

Mould-made in the traditional style.

Acid free, lignin free, chlorine free, and pH buffered to preserve fine art and photos.

Hot press smooth surface.

Bright white base and matte finish.

Extremely-high colour gamut and black density.




Additional Papers are available upon request.


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Our approach to High resolution scanning is not about the number of scans per minute, it's about scanning each image correctly. The original scan must take into consideration: hue, contrast, exposure and resolution. Our Epson Perfection V600 Photo scanner gives us the opportunity, not only to scan from transparencies, negatives, photographic prints or original artworks, but also to offer extraordinary quality and versatility with 6400 x 9600 dpi resolution.

QSQ is proud to have highly qualified professionals with extensive experience (more than 20 years) on image processing. Lead by a Designer by career, and a visual artist at heart, QSQ offers to process your image from the very beginning (RAW file proccesind, Photo-Retouch, Photo-Restoration, Colour Correction and/or Editing) until you have it on hand.



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